Certified Security Doors

Portisa & Gardesa security doors are designed to keep them out.

We are installing Palladio Home Security Entrance Doors. All brochures are to the right of your screen.

We specialize in apartment, bedroom and panic room doors as the first line of security for your home. Our doors are manufactured with the highest quality material and contain the best anti-theft locking system to keep you and your family safe. Available in any colour, design and size, not only are our doors attractive, we guarantee their ability to withstand any assault. You can go to sleep knowing you are safe.

Gardesa security doors are designed to keep them out!

Our security doors use a combination of metal and wood to provide strength and resistance to the weather. Our doors are built with the best level of insulation to help protect you from noise and the elements.

Gardesa Security Doors are built with beauty and integrity in every door.

We can replicate any type of door.

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