Crime / Vandal Shields & Glass Protection

Our Crimeshield is supplied by market leading manufacturers.

Crime Shield Manufacturing Ltd. are acknowledged as the market leading manufacturer of window and door glazing security. Crimeshield was the first perforated shield of this type in the UK, and despite inferior copies, is still the generic name for this style of security.In our gallery you can see pictures were we installed the window shield in an Family home Tallaght, Spar Shop the money room and an Credit Union there money room.

With the addition of the Windowshield attack resistant, clear barrier, Crimeshield Manufacturing Ltd is again putting itself at the forefront of glazing security technology.

Crimeshield is an attractive alternative to window grilles, offering great anti-vandal protection for all of your windows in the form of an unobtrusive window security mesh.

Designed to protect your building

  • 2mm attack resistant perforated steel in a strong welded aluminium frame
  • Anti-vandal, anti-break-in
  • Galvanised and powdercoated for long life
  • Unobtrusive but totally secure
  • Blends into the look of your building

Schools, offices and even domestic residences need to protect themselves and their equipment, from criminals and vandals who are looking to damage and/or steal their property.

The Crimeshield Barrier gives building owners another option in the fight against criminal damage.  The window security mesh has a strength and longlife, not found before in the physical security industry.  Its durability earned it the honour of being the first form of window security to be insurance approved.

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